Water and Wastewater Technology – Details

The courses in the EPCE-sponsored online Water and Wastewater Technology program are:

  • Flexible to accommodate personal and professional schedules.
  • Offered every 3-5 weeks on a rotating schedule with the ability to enroll at any time.

The technical courses in this program count towards a Certificate in Water and Wastewater Technology.  Courses can also be taken individually for professional development or training.

• WATR 101 Introduction to the Water Industry
• ENRT 105 Safety, Health & Environment
• ENRT 107 Mechanical Fundamentals
• ENRT 103 Applied Math
• ENRT 112 Print Reading
• WATR 116 Control Systems
• WATR 105 Laboratory Procedures
• WATR 110 Water Treatment I
• WATR 115 Water Treatment II
• WATR 120 Wastewater Treatment
• WATR 220 Practical Applications

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Water and Wastewater Technology requires 30 credit hours.

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