Ajibade Adedoja

Operator Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas Plant
Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering, Technology Excelsior College


Ajibade earned his Bachelor degree in Chemistry before he came to the United States from Nigeria in 2009.  He then earned an Associate’s degree from the College of Southern Maryland, and decided to continue his education, pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology at Excelsior College.  He learned about the program through the College of Southern Maryland.

There were a couple reasons why he chose Excelsior College’s online Bachelor’s degree program.  “Excelsior College accepted 60 credits from College of Southern Maryland, so I only needed to complete 60 credits to finish my Bachelor’s degree,” Ajibade said.  He added, “The program itself was flexible, which was a big benefit of the program.”

The program could be challenging at times, Ajibade admitted, since he didn’t have a lot of experience in the industry: “Most of the other people in my classes had been in the industry, so for me it was a little challenging.”  However, he completed his degree within 2 years, and highly recommends it to others.  He noted, “I’ve told lots of people about it.  It’s a good opportunity especially for ex-Navy nukes because Excelsior will evaluate their experiences and training and grant credit towards their degree.”

Ajibade is currently an Operator at the Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant, but hopes to be able to transition into the nuclear industry, noting, “I’m hoping my experience at LNG would be beneficial to move into nuclear because it’s an industrial setting, even if it is different equipment.”  He added, “I have a passion for nuclear and would like to start a career in nuclear.”