Apprenticeship Program

"Only halfway through the program, Apprentices demonstrate knowledge that took journeymen five or more years to learn on the job. Tri-State started a grassroots effort for Apprentices to share what they have learned in the Electricity Power Technology Associate’s degree program with crew members and supervisors." 
Jim Duffy, training coordinator, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

 Leverage Online Education to Give Apprentices a Blended Learning Experience

At the request of our members, EPCE offers a new model of workforce training by leveraging the strengths of our online energy education within an Apprenticeship training program.  Apprentices take online college courses developed by industry subject matter experts, combined with the hands-on field training that is normally part of their formal training.

The model is a win-win for both employers and Apprentices.  Employers find that incorporating EPCE’s online energy education into a formal Apprenticeship training program leads to savings in training costs. Apprentices earn college credit for their online courses, getting them closer to earning a college degree after completing their Apprenticeship.
Learn how EPCE Members Tri-State Generation and Transmission and Xcel Energy have implemented a blended learning apprenticeship program; download the case study EPCE's Apprenticeship Training Models (6 page PDF)

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