Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Are you looking for a program to help you to come up to speed on Cybersecurity in a way that also fits your schedule?

This certificate is designed for anyone looking to quickly and practically gain Cybersecurity knowledge and skills. This certificate is offered entirely online by Excelsior College, providing you the flexibility of pursuing education anytime anywhere. 

This certificate consists of the following four courses. (18 credits)

Required Courses 

  • CYS 260 Governance, Legal and Compliance
  • CYS 300 - Computer System Security Fundamentals
  • CYS 401 - Organizational Information Security
  • CYS 450 - Security Focused Risk Management
  • CYS 475 - Large Scale Cybercrime and Terrorism 
  • CYS 460 - Cybersecurity Investigations and Case Studies

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If you're looking for something a bit more, EPCE and Excelsior College also offer a full Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity.