Ken Buske

Excelsior College

Reactor Operator, Exelon, Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station

Ken Buske decided to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology through Excelsior College’s online degree program to enhance his performance in his current role, as well as prepare him to take the next step in his nuclear career.  Ken said, “As an operator of a nuclear power plant, I am required to consistently show proficiency in not only how the plant operates, but the scientific theory in which it is based.”  He added that he thought the knowledge he would gain in the program, “would assist in the safe, everyday operation of my nuclear plant.”


Ken learned about the opportunity to earn his Bachelor’s degree online when representatives from Excelsior College visited the plant to educate employees about the opportunities available.  Several aspects of the program appealed to Ken: “Excelsior offered a very flexible strategy to obtain a four year degree at an ABET accredited institution.”


Although Excelsior College was not Ken’s first experience with online education, he felt his experience was top-notch.  “Excelsior College has positioned themselves very favorably in the online academic community, not only in terms of administrative excellence, but through their selection of faculty.  I had the opportunity to work with incredible minds; individuals who pushed my limits, and those who provoked the essential critical thinking that creates graduates worthy of success in competitive career fields,” Ken said.


Ken also appreciated the value of the knowledge he gained in helping him to further his career progression at the plant.  He noted that, “my studies provided an extremely strong foundation for successfully completing the NRC’s ‘General Fundamentals’.  This has allowed me to progress to obtain a license to operate a nuclear power plant.”  Ken also said he believes the knowledge he gained will help when applying for his Senior Reactor Operator License in the future.