Kevin Bellimer

Operator, Indek Energy Services

After serving eight years in the Navy on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kevin earned an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991. “When I was single, I could go and spend the time on a campus” he explained. “But there is no way I could do that now with a family.”

Kevin heard about the online EPCE energy education and training programs, and the AAS in Nuclear Power Technology (NUPT) through Bismarck State College appealed to him. “I currently work at a gas turbine plant, but I’d like to get back into a nuclear plant.”

With his work schedule of 12-hour days—four days on and four days off—Kevin was able get a lot of studying done after taking his son to school. He also used valuable down time at work to do homework. “We were slow in the winter so I was able to get a lot done,” he said.

Kevin is already enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in Nuclear Engineering Technology and eventually wants to obtain a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering.