Linda Bradley

Regional Operations Specialist , Xcel Energy

Linda has been a valued Xcel Energy employee for the past sixteen years but never felt she had a firm grasp of electric power generation, transmission or distribution. According to Linda, "I always knew that I wanted to increase my industry expertise but family commitments coupled with a lack of time and trepidation about returning to school after a 20-year hiatus prevented me from going back." Then luckily Linda received a company email endorsing EPCE's online energy degree programs.

Linda thought that an online program might be just the thing for her. She enrolled in the Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program through Bismarck State College and earned her degree in May, 2007. Linda's take on her educational experience is that, “I am able to make more strategic business contributions because of the education I gained with my ELPW degree. I am happy to say that in earning my degree, I now have a heightened understanding of the utility industry and the technical aspects of electrical power.”

When asked if she had advice for prospective students Linda said, "At first, school was out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad that I pushed myself. I'd encourage others to just give it a try. You may surprise yourself and the feeling of accomplishment is terrific."