Mike MacDonald

Electrician III, Dominion

Mike earned his Associate’s degree in Business in 2000.  After working as a headhunter for the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, Mike was ready for a change.  He started an electrical apprenticeship program.  Six months into it, a friend helped him get an interview at Dominion.  Originally he started doing standard electrical work, but soon he set his eyes on joining the Generation Test Group.  He spoke with a manager in that group and he found out a degree was required. 

Mike saw a promotional flyer in the Dominion lunchroom for the online EPCE Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program through Bismarck State College and signed up to take the courses.  Things started working out for Mike, and he was able to join the group on assignment because of the coursework he was taking through EPCE.

Working at a nuclear power plant, Mike went through three refuels that required him to spend up to 12 hours per day at work.  “Schedules get crazy at the power plant, so it is nice that you can do the school work at any time of day.  Also, my boss was very accommodating and let me do schoolwork if there was downtime.”

Mike is seeking a permanent position with Generation Test now that he has the education requirements. He is going to take a break from school as the power plant goes through another refueling outage and plans on continuing with BSC in the spring.