Rosalind Bowen

Supervisor, Distribution Design, National Grid

In 2004 Rosalind Bowen had completed over fifteen years of experience at National Grid, but she was interested in moving into Line Construction and her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work just didn’t help. So, when she read a company bulletin about the online EPCE Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at Bismarck State College, Rosalind knew it was her answer. “It was the online format that made me do it. The fact that I could do my courses when I wanted to – whether that was on the weekend or 2 a.m. on a Friday – made all the difference.”

Rosalind’s daughter was also attending college - at an undergrad institution in Atlanta, GA - at the same time, so they supported each other through the assignments, term papers and exams and both graduated this past May. Unlike her daughter, though, Rosalind was delighted that she didn’t have to travel to get to her BSC classes. Everything was done on the Internet.

Though she completed her degree in Electric Power with a specialization in Line Construction, Rosalind plans to stay in her current department. So, the only change she foresees is getting back to her favorite pastime, which is reading.