Scott Farrar

Lead Account Executive, National Grid

Five years ago, Scott was thinking about going back to school.  “I was hungering for this type of program.”  So when National Grid introduced the online EPCE Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at Bismarck State College to its employees, he knew, “That’s exactly what I need.”

Valuing family above all else, Scott wasn’t able to go through the program as quickly as he would have liked with a wife and six kids, but he was able to devise a system that worked for him.  He took a break after each course and did his school work when time allowed.  From the beginning, he made a deal with his family that if the schooling became a burden to family time he would reassess the situation.

“Already having my BS in Business Administration, the EPCE program was a great bridge to getting a practical technical degree, working completely around my schedule.” One benefit for Scott during the program was that he had a friend in the program who worked in the same department at National Grid.  They were able to take most classes together and bounce ideas off one another.  “It was good because I didn’t want to go through it alone.”

When asked for advice to potential students, Scott said, “Don’t be intimidated.   The common person can grasp this stuff.  With reasonable study habits and the desire to learn, it can be accomplished.  This is a great program, a great opportunity to learn. It is obtainable and achievable.”