Steve Hanson

CEO & Partner, M.A. Hanson & Son, LLC

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and working several years in management, Steve Hanson returned to his family's business.  Knowing his father was planning for retirement, Steve realized he was lacking the technical knowledge ranging from the specifics of the electric utility industry to Microsoft Excel.  Steve found out about the EPCE’s online energy education through the internet and enrolled in the Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at Bismarck State College. “From the first lecture this program has helped me with customers, even with generalized discussions.”

With twin toddlers and a new baby, Steve and his wife created a study schedule that would work for their young family.  “Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, I locked myself in my office after the kids were in bed.  Everyone knew that was my study time and respected that.”  He was also able to use the flexibility of his position to incorporate study time into his day.

A lot of his classmates were in the utility industry.  His interaction with them combined with the industry-experienced instructors helped Steve understand the theory and business sides of electric power.  From day one of the program, Steve noticed a change in the way he communicated with his customers.  “There has been a definite improvement on how I approach the job with my new found knowledge and understanding of concepts.”

For those considering going back to school, Steve’s advice is, “Step back and evaluate your ultimate goal.  Some sacrifices have to be made, but keep your eye on the prize!”  Steve highly recommends the program and has even shared his experiences with his customers - from linemen to management.

Steve has laid his plan out in front of him.  He is currently enrolled in the B.A.S in Energy Management program at BSC and plans on obtaining a Master’s of Science in Energy Management.