Suzie Fahr

Analyst, PJM Interconnection

“My company, PJM Interconnection, really pushes education and going back to school,” said Suzie. So when she saw a company newsletter blurb about their tuition reimbursement program, she decided to take the plunge. Because she had college credits to transfer into the online Electric Power Technology (ELPW) program at Bismarck State College (BSC), Suzie completed her AAS degree in just 16 months.

Suzie found the entire experience very convenient. “The trickiest part was not being able to raise your hand, but professors responded quickly to e-mails, and my classmates were very helpful,” she said.

Suzie was very excited when web labs were offered, “I started a generator that ran a train around a track at the campus in North Dakota from my home in Pennsylvania.”

Suzie worked hard, graduating with a 4.0, and was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa for academic excellence. She enjoys learning and is continuing her education pursuing a BS in Energy Management at BSC.