Mike Hanrahan

Excelsior College

Operations (Ops) Assessor, Performance Improvement & Training Group Surry Power Plant

Mike Hanrahan spent a good part of his career on the technical side of the house at nuclear power plants.  However, he understood the importance of rounding out his knowledge in order to transition into a management position, and that’s exactly what he did.  Today, Mike is an Operations (Ops) Assessor at Surry Power Plant, where he monitors operations to ensure compliance and performance excellence.


Mike’s career began at the Kewaunee Power Plant in operations, where he worked his way up.  He knew he ultimately wanted to move from operations into management, but knew he needed additional education.  “Having worked for a long time in a technical skill position, I had developed a solid understanding for how the plant worked. To progress further in our organization, I knew I needed a more broad-based skill set to understand the bigger picture which included budgeting and finance, project management and leadership.  In order to successfully make my desired career transition, I needed that education.” Mike noted. 


The announcement that Kewaunee would close motivated Mike to take the plunge.  Fortunately, about a year before the closure was announced, a representative from Excelsior College visited the plant, which is where Mike learned about the online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Technology Management degree program.  He began his classes in the fall of 2013, and earned his degree in October of 2014.


Mike remained with Kewaunee for a year after the plant closed.  Because of his newly earned degree, he was able to use the project management knowledge in an expanded role at Kewaunee until promoted to a new role in oversight at the Surry Power Plant.  Mike credits the knowledge he gained for making the career progression possible: “Management recognized the knowledge I had gained from the Technology Management degree program and allowed me the opportunity to expand my technical knowledge to also benefit the company in a project management role.”